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Your local Taj Mahal is: Richmond, 9 Petersham Road, TW10 6UH.

About Us

About Us

Our concept, was to keep the menu, the traditional cuisine, our indian restaurant food quality, everything which The Taj Mahal has been well known in Richmond, exactly the same. The only thing we wanted to change was to modernise and give it a facelift. The restaurant as was, was amazingly traditional but we felt a little outdated so decided to refurbish using a modern contemporary style with simple bold colouring. We didn't want to keep the Indian restaurant closed for that long so carefully project managed the process, at times round the clock and completion came within 8 weeks. Our reopening in 2012 was supported by none other than Cobra Beer!

Whilst this process was taking place, we reviewed and updated our logo and branding as well as implementing a state of the art iPad ordering system which is so hi-tech we are still one of only two indian restaurants in the UK today utilizing it. We re-designed our menu and added new dishes. We felt it important to keep to our original selection as this area lacks familiar, more traditional, cuisine. Our Customers have remained loyal to us down the years because our food process, designed by my father, has remained the same. If a chef has left, our food output has remained constant and uncompromised because all of the cooking has to be carried out following my father's blueprint.

There are many things which set us apart here at The Taj Mahal but most importantly we pride ourselves on the food, the friendly service and our staff, some of whom are still with us after 30 years of service!

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